Our Technology

Tapestry Telehealth relies on cutting edge technology to bring patients 21st century care. Through easy-to-use, portable telemedicine carts, physicians can be at the bed side in moments. Stations are designed for quick visits and simple set up to save nurses time and make seeing patients easy.

This Includes…

  • Dedicated PC, Large Monitor, which can only be used for telemedicine communication.

  • These stations are HIPPA compliant and locked down

  • A digitally enhanced stethoscope with headset for nurse

  • A portable zoom camera for wound care

  • A light ring and speculum attachment to allow for ENT exam

How Easy to Use?

  • One button Technology Just turn on Computer and Connect!

  • Dual Stethoscope – Allows Clinician and Nurse to Listen Together

  • Able to do Wound Care as well as look in Eyes and Ears

  • Simple Nurse walk throughs on Structured Abdominal, Musculoskeletal, and Neuro examinations

  • We Work Together to Teach Assessment Skills

  • Each Visit takes just about 5 Minutes for Physical Assessment